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Four Voices is a unique inquiry process that helps to integrate the four separate parts of a person: mind, heart, body and soul.

Originally nicknamed "Yoga Church" by our students due to the inspirational and sacred nature of our classes (plus we met in a building that looked like a church), Four Voices is a unique and powerful inquiry process and the backbone of all trainings taught by Meadow DeVor. 

Whether you want to create a thriving coaching practice, lead spiritual retreats, manage a corporate team or teach unforgettable yoga classes, Four Voices is the powerful method to help your students and clients connect to their inner compass so they can create lasting change. 

Each training moves through all Four Voices — Mind, Heart, Body and Soul. The Mind is the center your thinking, the Heart is the gateway to your emotions, the Body holds your history and memories in physical form and your Soul is the higher consciousness, where your true self resides. Each of these Four Voices has a distinctly different voice, wildly divergent motives, and offers contradictory feedback that can be really confusing to navigate. There’s the mind who’s trying to make everything predictable and safe, and the heart who’s chasing the feel-good and running from the feel-bad, there’s the body who’s trying to avoid repeating anything uncomfortable from the past, and then there’s the other driving force —the soul— that’s constantly trying to grow, heal and serve in the biggest capacity possible.

Real spiritual transformation happens when there’s only one voice inside, when there’s not a voice that’s scared and then another voice trying to manage the world to protect that voice that’s scared. All parts become unified when there is no part that we’re not willing to see. To create a life that you love, you must unify the Four Voices, so that instead of hearing four separate messages, you only hear one: the voice of your true self. 

Coaching has historically been a tool for the mind and heart and yoga historically focuses on the body and soul. By blending the best tools from each of these camps, the laser focused mind work, the heart-opening emotional work, the history-healing body work and divine work of the soul, this remarkable inquiry process is vital tool for yoga teachers, coaches and leaders.

Whether you choose to do our weekend-long Four Voices Yoga Teacher Training or to deep dive into our six-month Four Voices Coach Training - the templates, worksheets and step-by-step methodology give you everything you need to successfully help your students, clients and team.

Founded by Meadow DeVor

Meadow is an internationally recognized inquiry and yoga teacher with a modern approach to spirituality, money and personal leadership. Since 2007, she has led teacher trainings, inquiry classes and retreats both online and throughout the United States.

Since 2013, Four Voices has been the backbone to all of her classes, trainings, retreats and programs.

She co-hosts the popular podcast Spiritualish, has written several books including Money Love: A Guide to Changing the Way You Think About Money, and has had the pleasure of being a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

She lives with her daughter in the quiet countryside of California's Central Coast. Learn more about Meadow here.