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What is Four Voices Coach Training?

Four Voices Coach Training is a 6-month in-person and online training program that gives you everything you need to create, launch and grow a successful coaching practice. 

Whether your goal is to become a coach, teacher, lead retreats, give workshops, incorporate coaching into your current career, heal and transform your own life, or to help the people you love most transform theirs - in Four Voices Coach Training you'll master the art of inquiry and laser-focused coaching to help others deeply transform their lives. It’s designed to teach you how to lead life-changing sessions using our proven step-by-step system so that you can quickly find your voice and put your unique and much-needed work out into the world. 


Can I read customer reviews
of Four Voices Trainings?

Yes. Our students are real people just like you. They are stay-home moms, students, writers, psychotherapists, yoga teachers, doctors, Ayurvedic teachers and wellness professionals from all over the world. Want to see what our graduates are doing now? Hear from others who made their dream a reality.

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How does Four Voices Coach Training work?

Four Voices Coach Training starts with a powerful opening retreat in Monterey, CA. There, you'll learn and experience the framework on which the entire program is built. We'll explore each of the Four Voices (Mind, Body, Heart and Soul) integrated into Four Voices Yoga classes, through self-inquiry and one-to-one coaching tools.

The rest of the training is online and consists of easy-to-follow live online practicum classes, business and marketing classes and pre-recorded online lectures. The entire course is supported by the beautifully designed Coach Training Workbook and Four Voices Journal.

Throughout the course, you can interact directly with me and your fellow students on our private community forum (I'm there daily M-F) and also at the live classes. The course classes include lecture, discussion and practice of topics and tools to help integrate all Four Voices. Business and Marketing classes are peppered throughout the course and are designed to help you create a successful coaching practice by the time you finish the training. 

Online classes are held on a live stream video platform (Zoom) that looks kind of like a Brady Bunch screen. You'll be able to see me and (if you turn on your camera) I'll be able to see you. You can join the class with one-click straight from our private Four Voices Coach Training site. If you'd rather join by phone only, you can join with one-click on your phone. If you miss a live-class, or would like to re-watch a class, the class recording will be posted shortly after class.

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Who should sign up for Four Voices Coach Training?

If you want to master the art of inquiry and laser focused coaching - whether your goal is to be a coach, incorporate coaching into your current career, heal and transform your own life, or to help the people you love most transform theirs - Four Voices Coach Training is for you. Our ideal members fall into one of these categories:  


Ambitious Beginners

Is your dream to be a speaker, leader, author or coach? Whether you want to offer classes, lead retreats, teach workshops, write a book or to open a private coaching practice, Four Voices Coach Training gives you everything you need to make sure you get started the right way.



Experienced Professionals 

Attention yoga teachers, wellness practitioners, therapists and coaches! If you’re ready to broaden your skills, attract more of your ideal clients and exponentially increase your revenue, Four Voices will teach you how to fully leverage your expertise to create a thriving business.


Soul Seekers

Not really sure what your dream is? You're in the right place! Many students take this training primarily for their own personal growth. Whether or not you're considering coaching as a career, Four Voices will teach you skills that will radically change your own life and will help you make a difference in the lives of those you love.

Who teaches Four Voices Coach Training?

Four Voices Coach Training is primarily taught by me, Meadow DeVor. I've been leading coach trainings since 2006 when I was first hired to work for Martha Beck. Since then, I've led coach trainings and yoga teacher trainings, inquiry classes and retreats both online and throughout the United States.

Since 2013, Four Voices has been the backbone to all of my classes, trainings, retreats and programs.

You'll meet members of my team at the retreat and see them in the pre-recorded lectures. These teachers include Pam Clark - creator of The Brave Love Project, Laura McKowen - writer and recovery advocate, Shelby Messenger - master somatic coach. At the retreat, you'll also meet a few interning graduates of the program. 

You can interact directly with me and your fellow students on our private community forum (I'm there daily M-F) and also at the live classes. As always, you can expect tons of compassion and no-bullshit straight talk along with a heavy dose of laughter and humor. 



What's the investment? Are there payment plans available?

The investment for Four Voices Coach Training is $3900, which includes the retreat, the online training course and Four Voices Coach Training manual. And yes, we do offer payment plans. 

This training will sell out. Class space is limited - first come, first serve. Register today to reserve your spot and gain access to the bonus pre-course information immediately. 



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