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Thirteen years ago, I was in a job I didn't love. I was living in a place I didn't like. My marriage was in shambles and my self worth was in the toilet. But I had this nagging feeling that wouldn't leave me alone, a weird dark secret that burned inside of me. I couldn't say it out loud. It was too big, too crazy, too radical. I didn't even tell my closest friends.

The deep dark secret? I wanted to be a coach. 

Of course, I didn't think that I would be any good at it. My life was a train wreck and I was deeply ashamed of my secret desire.

"Who do you think you are?" rang in my ears.

I thought that I needed to have my life together. (It wasn't.) I thought I needed to have a happy marriage. (I didn't.) I thought I needed to be devoted to making a career out of coaching. (I wasn't ready to give up my day job.) I thought I needed to be prettier, younger, thinner, older, wiser, better. (I was wrong.)

I thought of ten thousand reasons why I should put this idea out of my mind, ten thousand reasons why I shouldn't sign up.

But my soul wouldn't let up. 

Somewhere, deep inside of me, there was a voice that just kept saying, "You were born to do this."

I don't know what finally made me pull the trigger or what gave me the courage to do it. I don't know where I found the strength, the will, or even the money to put myself on a plane and get myself into coach training.

But... Oh. My. God. I am so thankful that I did! And it not only changed my life forever - but also changed the lives of my friends, my family, my daughter, and the lives of thousands of students, listeners, and readers.

Coach training isn't just a small thing. It's a radical step toward saying yes to your soul. Saying yes to living with a deeper sense of purpose. Saying yes to making a difference in this world.

To schedule a quick call with Meadow to discuss Four Voices Coach Training, click the button below.

To schedule a quick call with Meadow to discuss Four Voices Coach Training, click the button below.

Let's chat.

Thirteen years ago, I took my first coach training. Since then, I've had the privilege of teaching and leading coach trainings alongside some of the world's most brilliant teachers. Over the past decade, I've designed a laser focused training with time-tested tools. Whether your goal is to become a coach, teacher, lead retreats, give workshops, incorporate coaching into your current career, heal and transform your own life, or to help the people you love most transform theirs - in Four Voices Coach Training you'll master the art of inquiry and laser-focused coaching to help others deeply transform their lives. It’s designed to teach you how to lead life-changing sessions using our proven step-by-step system so that you can quickly find your voice and put your unique and much-needed work out into the world. 

Training starts in a few weeks and we only have a few spaces available.

If there's any part of you whispering, "Please say yes," I invite you to either email me or schedule a quick chat with me. I'd love to get to know you a little, answer any burning questions that you might have, and give you more info on what to expect.

Believe me, I know how you feel. I remember being so worried that I wouldn't measure up, thinking that everyone would be more together than me. I was terrified that I'd make a fool out of myself. I get it. I've been there. You're not alone.

So let's talk. Because I have a sneaky suspicion that you were born to do this too.