Reviews for four voices

They Did It. So Can You.

Hear from others who made their dream a reality.


"Whether you are new to coaching or already have training under your belt, you are guaranteed to walk away from this training with tools that will help your clients to transform their lives. Added bonus: YOUR life will also transform in the process. Mine certainly did."

Shelby Messenger :: Yoga Teacher, Master Somatic Coach and EFT Practitioner


"I didn't think I needed this training because I was already a practicing coach and yoga teacher. I was so wrong. This training helped me break out of my shell and helped me bring a profound depth to my coaching."

Pam Clark :: Master Inquiry Coach, Yoga Teacher, Founder of Brave Love Project


"This training was a truly transformative experience for me. Not only did Meadow and her team teach me incredible high level coaching tools, but I also experienced my own personal growth and healing which inspired me to finally open up my own yoga coaching studio. Her training is a game changer for sure!"

Tosha Smith :: Holistic Lifestyle Coach and owner of Tosha Smith Studio

"The array of powerful tools that Meadow teaches within her training helped me immensely in my own personal development and allowed me to include huge added value within the yoga classes, workshops and retreats I offer."

Lisa Dumas :: Yoga Teacher and Personal Development Teacher

"I found Meadow at a dark time in my life. This training helped me ease my own suffering, quit drinking, change careers and begin to build a life that includes joy and peace. It was totally worth the price of admission x 10!"

Aimee Pruitt :: Ayurvedic Health Educator, Yoga Teacher, Registered Nurse

"Run, don't walk, to take this training if you want to REALLY know yourself, your truth, and all the ways you try to wiggle out of following your life's purpose."

Dr. Layne Linebaugh :: Owner of Soul Story Yoga and Coaching, Sobriety Coach


"I take my training as a coach very seriously. Those who place their trust in me, deserve the best. This training was one of the best investments I've ever made."

Jessica Vazquez :: Money and Leadership Coach, Yoga Teacher


"The most transformative training of my life! I came to learn how to support others on their journey of healing but with the genuine love and support of all the teachers ended up healing myself!"

Gloria Schwabe :: Yoga Teacher and Introspective Development Coach


"When you feel a pull, a calling to do something and maybe are not completely sure why, DO IT! I'm so grateful I followed the pull -- it was so much more than I could have ever imagined and I am so fortunate to be able to help others in the way Meadow helped me."

Kolleen Harrison :: Yoga Teacher and Inquiry Coach

"Meadow's training paved my path towards profound healing and self-transformation. I am now able to live my life with authentic purpose."

Tiffany Flournoy :: Yoga Teacher and Inquiry Coach

"This training was profound. During my training as a psychotherapist, I got to know various kinds of body work, but none was as powerful as Four Voices. I went into this training primarily for personal experience and came out knowing that this has to be taught to people, and that I want to teach it." 

Dr. Bettina Ende-Henningsen :: Psychotherapist, Coach, Yoga Teacher


"This training was THE pivotal piece for both my personal and professional transformation. I use these inquiry tools, daily, in all facets of my life."

Carrie Van duinen :: Inquiry Coach, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher, Mentor


"I have been a facilitator of a variety of modalities, over the last 20 years, and decided to add coaching to my bag of tools. This training far exceeded my expectations: it was professional, engaging and kept us all on task to becoming coaches ourselves. It was much more than just a training, though. It was a transformational process for each and every one of us in our group. I was deeply impressed with the variety of ways in which Meadow supported us, as individuals, in overcoming some of our biggest obstacles. It was a relief and a joy to be guided with such expertise through such a profound body of work, both as a coach-in-training, and as a coaching client.

My soul thanks you, Meadow, for taking me so much farther than I was before."

Gwen Payne :: Inquiry Coach, Yoga Teacher